Bundled checking and 储蓄 account that lets teens take charge of their money easier 和更多的 worry-free.


The Volt青少年网赌最好最大平台 Account is designed to help teenagers gain experience with managing their finances while protecting them against fees. 我们知道个人理财是需要实践的. The Volt青少年网赌最好最大平台 Account allows members to become familiar with spending and 储蓄 using their accounts and mobile devices to transfer and deposit checks.

除了, 我们全年定期提供在线和面对面的教育课程, 加会员可以利用我们的 升级了 program, with specific modules created especially for our Volt网赌最好最大平台 members' age group. 

We understand there are many new experiences that come along with a new checking and 储蓄s account. 我们很自豪地支持我们的Volt会员和报价 教育和支持 每一步都在前进.



专为13至18岁的会员设计, the Volt青少年网赌最好最大平台 Account has a special checking account fee structure that protects against costly fees, 包括透支和网外ATM费用. Once teenagers reach age 19, they qualify for reduced fees until they age out at 25.



Build good money habits with a Volt青少年网赌最好最大平台 checking account plus a free debit card and no overdraft or ATM fees.


看着你的积蓄通过挣3美元迅速增加.00% APY*余额不超过$1,000.


除了省钱,还不收任何费用, 让你的孩子控制他们的金钱管理, 我们也在帮助解释网上网赌最好最大平台是如何运作的, and how they can use the products and services available to be smarter about spending, 储蓄, 以及他们的整体财务状况.

更多的储蓄 & 收益:

  • 储蓄账户只要赚3美元,会员就能很快攒钱.00% APY*存款余额达1000美元.
  • 不收费——我们是认真的. The Volt青少年网赌最好最大平台 检查 account for members ages 13-18 is more than totally FREE checking. 不收取透支费用或自动提款机费用. 真的.
  • 16岁时,Volt会员可以申请Visa奖励卡. 这张卡有合理的信用限额和较低的利率, 并且会让你开始建立永不过期的积分. But just so your parents aren't worried about it, we do require a co-signer until age 18.


  • 给朋友寄钱:用Zelle®,您可以通过爱博金融的移动应用程序向好友支付. 无需下载任何其他软件或第三方应用程序, 我们都为你准备好了.
  • 快速平衡:建立快速平衡, 所以你不需要登录就能看到你的账户里有什么.
  • 资金转移:轻松地将资金转移到您的孩子的帐户.
  • 自动取款机接入:您的Volt青少年网赌最好最大平台借记卡可让您使用超过30,到处都有000台合作社自动取款机, 免费, 全国各地的. 找一台免附加费的自动取款机 今天.


定期, 我们会在学校和这里举办活动, 用来解释诸如此类的事情的:

  • 如何管理储蓄 & 支票账户
  • 借记卡和信用卡的区别
  • 如何设定明智的理财目标
  • 什么是信用评分,它为什么重要
  • 预算编制基础

Plus, as a member, you'll hear first when we open up our annual scholarship program. 我们很自豪地奖励十个2美元,000 scholarships to Michigan high school students to improve their lives through higher education.


  • 卡控制程序, members can decide when, where and how their debit cards are used in real-time.
  • 您可以享受便捷的功能,如开启/关闭借记卡, 接收即时事务警报, 设置卡的使用限制, 和更多的!


你知道储蓄帐户如何帮助你的孩子, 但作为父母或监护人,它也有一些好处:

  • 很容易转移 - You can quickly transfer funds into your teens account; no more third party apps or having to get cash.
  • 卡保护 - You can turn the card on and off along with designating usage to provide some oversight.
  • 监控账户余额 - You can set up quick balances to check the 储蓄s account balance without logging in.
男孩拿着Arbor Volt Visa卡


16岁时,伏特青少年网赌最好最大平台的成员可以申请Visa奖励信用卡. 它的信用额度最高为1美元,000 and a low interest rate while letting you build rewards points that don’t expire. 在18岁之前,父母需要共同签署该账户.

提前获得信用卡有很多好处, such as having time to build your credit and learning the difference between a credit and debit card in action.


  • 在到期前付账,这样你就不会产生利息费用.
  • You can use it to cover minor emergencies as long as you make your monthly payments on time if you can’t pay it off in full.
  • 如果你不正确使用它, 你的账户可能会出问题, 什么不是建立信用基础的好方法.
  • A credit card is different from a debit card because you borrow against your balance and have to repay it vs. 从你账户里的现金中扣除的借记卡. You want to practice spending using both and experience how they impact your finances.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about our Volt青少年网赌最好最大平台 检查 & 储蓄账户.

*年收益率(APY). 的速度 3.00% APY适用于伏特青少年网赌最好最大平台储蓄账户余额不超过1000美元. 超过1000美元的余额将按正常存款利率收取. 条款及细则如有更改,恕不另行通知. 账户审批可能基于一些因素,比如合格的父母, 青少年的年龄, 以及收入的核实.


泽尔和泽尔相关的标志是完全属于早期预警服务, 有限责任公司和在此许可下使用.